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Jain Spark


Flow Rates (lph)

105 to 120

Working Pressure (kg/cm²)

2.0 to 3.0

Wetted diameter (m)

2.0 to 4.0

Benefits, Features and Specifications

  • Increases electricity generation: enables the system to keep producing more efficiently.
  • Saves money: no need to hire any cleaning services.
  • Saves labour: manual cleaning of the panels becomes obsolete.
  • Saves time: no time invested in maintaining and cleaning the system.
  • Safety: eliminates the need for elevated handling and cleaning risks.
  • Unique adjustable Spark unit that fits most panels in the market.
  • The Spark unit maintains steady, well-aligned micro- sprinklers on the panels for optimal cleaning.
  • Uniform cleaning of the panel.
  • The Spark unit is free of vibration while cleaning the solar panels, unlike other solutions in the market
  • All components are modular and easy to assemble without a need for special tools.
  • Easy, user-friendly assembling and dismantling of the unit on the panel.
  • Two kinds of water distribution for best coverage of the area: The main Spark unit consists of a 180° static diffuser, while the second Spark unit consists of a 90° static diffuser for use on the edges and boundaries.
  • Non-rotating parts for long life span even under tough conditions, such as high temperatures, wind and dust.


  • A unique system for cleaning and washing solar panels, using the Modular micro sprinkler - ensures optimal efficiency and energy production.


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