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Quick Connect® Clamps

We have perfected various joints according to the requirement of sizes. These clamps are designed to withstand the tensile pull that will be acting on the joint when the pipeline is under pressure. The clamps sealing is achieved by a specially designed rubber seal, which not only allows easy and smooth connection, but also makes it watertight as the pipe is brought up to pressure. The unique feature of the joint is that it can take 3 to 5 degrees deflection without any leak.
Quick-Connect® clamp available in Single Metal Plus Clamp type design. These clamps are available in 63, 75, 90 mm size. These clamps are zinc plated to resist corrosion. These clamps are available in maximum working pressure of 4 kg/ cm² (57psi). For sizes 50, 63 & 75 mm Quick-Connect® clamps are made of plastic. These clamp are moulded from selected high impact engineering plastic that provides a secure grip on the pipe to give high performance coupled with light weight. These joints are available in maximum working pressure of 4 kg/cm² (57 psi).
For sizes 110, 125, 140 & 160, the clamp have heavy-duty Zinc plated levers. The levers hook to the clamp on the socket and allow for a high-pressure joint. The clamp does not require anchoring during operation. These clamp withstand working pressure upto 8 kg/cm² (114 psi). Note: For Above 110 mm size 3 clamp fittings will be provided For sizes 63, 75, 90 & 110 mm, the clamps are Zinc plated metal. These metal joints are Zinc plated to resist corrosion. The clamping is achieved by hooking two points that are diametrically opposite. These clamp withstand maximum working pressure of 6 kg/cm² (85 psi).


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