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Jain Solar PV Tracking systems


Normally, the solar panels are mounted on a fixed mounting structure. In such a case, the sun rays will be perpendicular on the panels during 12 noon. But, it is desired that they should be perpendicular throughout the day to ensure maximum energy generation. Hence, tracking systems are used and they are becoming popular day by day.

Single-axis, dual axis or manual tracking solutions are available. Single-axis trackers are most widely used. Up to 30% or even more extra energy can be obtained with the same set of solar PV array. Tracking systems are robust in construction and reliable technology.

Features & Benefits

  • Tailor made tracker solutions to suit site requirement

  • Automatic battery less tracker with embedded controller for small trackers

  • Stand alone or centralized astronomical tracker controller

  • Centralized astronomical tracker controller with various options of electrical and hydraulic prime mover

  • Lowest energy consumption for tracking

  • Optimized for maximum yield within minimum area

  • Structures as per requirement

  • Single tracker up to 36 sq. m PV module area

  • Structure designed to withstand wind speed upto 200 kmph or as per requirement of site

  • Protection mechanism against specified wind speed

Jain Horizontal Single Axis Trackers

Jain Single Axis Trackers

Jain Dual Axis Trackers

Jain Single Axis Trackers


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