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Jain Solar 3W/5W/9W Home Light


A Jain Jyot LED Based Solar Street Light is a lighting system consisting of Super Bright Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), SMF battery, electronics placed in a suitable housing, made of metal, plastic or fiber and a solar PV module. The battery is charged by electricity generated through the PV module.

The operation is very simple. The solar energy is converted to electrical energy by the SPV module and stored in a sealed maintenance-free (SMF) battery. During charging, green light on charge controller will be continuously ON. After battery is full charged, green light will blink. At night, when solar panel voltage drops, luminary will be automatically switched ON & in the morning, when solar panel voltage increases, luminary will be automatically switched OFF. Therefore, it is ideal for remote/ inaccessible areas.

Features & Benefits

  • BIS Registered as per IS 10322(Part 5/Sec 1):2012

  • LM-79 Tested

  • Electronics and Leds enclosed in compact Housing with Protection IP 40

  • Constant Current Led Driver used

  • Light soothing to eyes and without Dark bands

  • Installation Type: wall mounted

  • No line voltage, trenching, or metering

  • Cool White Light

  • 12Vdc Operated circuit, Safe to handle


  • Roads, Streets, Railway gates, Parks, Boundary Walls, Hotels, Hospitals, Remote & Inaccessible Places and wherever dependable lighting is desired.


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