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High Capacity Solar Pumping Solutions


Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd., being an irrigation & solar expert, provides tailor made solar usolutions for higher capacities more than 37 kW (50 hp) solar pumping stations used in agricultural and water supply sectors. JISL provides the solution as per the requirement and site conditions without constraint of duty points i.e. head and discharge. To achieve the desired pumping capacity, several pumps are connected in parallel and its operation is controlled by PLC. JISL has in house capacity to design & develop the electrical and control panels required for high capacity pumping. The high capacity solar pumping station contains various sub systems like solar power generation system, power conversion system, power controlling system, hydraulic controlling system, filtration system, electrical & hydraulic safety and protection system and SCADA system. There are various options available for high capacity pumping stations like stand alone solar pumping, solar and grid dual supply mode, grid sharing mode and grid feed mode. These options are configured to achieve long term sustainable project viability.

Jains is the only company across world who provides high capacity solar pumping solutions.


  • Lift Irrigation schemes

  • Integrated Irrigation solutions

  • Community Irrigation projects

  • Urban water supply

  • Commercial applications

  • Industrial applications


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