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PE Corrugated Piping System for Sub Surface Drainage



Single/Double Wall Corrugated (SWC/DWC) - OD/ID (mm)

  • 63/52, 75/62, 90/77, 120/106, 125/103, 180/153, 200/173, 250/215
  • Available in Light, Normal and Medium class with separate coupler.

Double Wall Corrugated (DWC) - Nominal Internal Dia.(mm)

  • 135, 250, 300, 400, 500.
  • Available in SN 4, 6 and 8 with integral socket.

Sub soil drainage systems are used to collect leachate under landfill sites as well as used to control and direct underground water transport and to encourage proper surface water percolation and control water levels in Airport Runways, Golf Courses, Athletic Fields, Hillside Development projects and in agricultural fields to improve soil condition.

Consequences of water logging, poor aeration in agricultural farms results in lesser plant growth and if such poor drainage conditions exists over years result in saline farms. A solution to this issue is Sub Surface Drainage using underground gravity network of PE Drain Well Corrugated Pipes where excess/surplus water which is present in plant root zone is drained out of farm. Pipe & fittings up to 250mm diameter are available as per IS 16098, ASTM F449.

Features & Benefits

  • SSD removes excess/surplus water from water-logged farms
  • SSD increases crop yield substantially by reducing salts from saline land transforming in to cultivable-fertile agricultural land
  • SSD occupy no land area because it is installed underground, & does not interfere with farming operations
  • SSD is the only solution for reclamation of over irrigated agricultural farms, water logged soils, saline lands resulted because of over irrigation


  • Drainage & Sewerage Lines
  • Detention/ Retention Storm Water Lines
  • Building & Construction
  • Agriculture/ Subsurface Drainage


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