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  • 90, 110, 125, 140, 160, 180, 200 and 225 mm in different pressure ratings as per company standard.

Above advanced material property pipes i.e. Jain Fire Retardant, Jain Rodent deterrent, Jain PE – RC pipes result in increase in the initial pipe cost as compared with normal HDPE pipe cost. But use of above pipes results in overall reduction in project cost which includes- pipe cost, laying and installation cost and cost of repair and replacement.

Further efforts in reducing the pipe initial cost resulted in development of Jain PE multilayer pipe. Jain PE multilayer pipe is made up of two or more layers of different PE materials to fulfill the requirements of end application and simultaneously reducing the pipe cost. Jain Multi-Layer Pipe (JMLP) solutions enable the installer and system designer to reduce the overall cost of the project for a modest increase in pipe cost, and bring additional safety to the installation. The thickness of individual layer of material depends on the requirement of end application.

HDPE pipe with outer layer of PE-RC material:

This is an answer to need for resistance to point loading stresses by sharp stones in the field during installation, glass pieces or other material which put extra pressure on the pipe surface. Jain PE-RC pipes offers the right solution to these harsh environment and field condition and it is available as double layer pipe where the layers which provides protection is an integral part of the pipe. The inner layer of pipe is normal HDPE material whereas in the outer layer PE100 –RC material is used to improve its resistance to crack propagation.


  • Laying of shift-able PE pipes in mining
  • Laying of pipe by horizontal directional drilling (HDD) application
  • Laying of pipe by pipe slip lining method
  • Laying of pipes by pipe splitting method
  • Laying of pipe without proper bedding of the trench
  • Laying of pipe in stony soil
  • Slip lining of aged DI or concrete pipe


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